Basic BitchĀ® Guitar Body

CNC routed for RockRabbit Guitar Parts

Made in Indiana, not Indonesia

Why Get a Basic BitchĀ® Guitar Body?

Every tree has a dream

Some ash saplings will grow up to become a baseball bat and many pines are destined to be a kitchen cabinet door. A lucky walnut might be carved into a coffee table. But they all know that only the best and finest of them grow up to be a custom guitar. They’ve got to grow up tall and strong, stout enough for wide board widths. And self respecting hardwood would be scandalized to produce only narrow pieces for a butcher-block pieced up guitar body.

Luckily, trees have two paths towards their dream. Some are fancy woods, like maples, walnuts, and exotics from far away. Their squiggly grain isnā€™t strong, but it reflects the light prettily when flat sawn. Usually too heavy for a guitar build on their own, they shine when used as a top of a special custom guitar. Some are base woods, like ash, alder, basswood, and pine. They need to grow with straight grains for strength and stability, and slow enough for density. Whether painted in classic car colors or the base for the figured tops, they are the structure that holds the guitar body together.

The luckiest trees of all grow up to be a Basic Bitch. Every guitar loves wearing stylish accessories. And dressing up your tonewood in all matching RockRabbit Titanium hardware is the sexiest! Sure, some axes are just fine with cast zinc or plated steel parts, but that special guitar is for forever. And it deserves hardware thatā€™s also forever.

A Basic Bitch DIY guitar body is crafted to fit our custom hardware. You donā€™t need a CNC router in your garage. Weā€™ve done all the machine work and power tool processes. Youā€™ll get a body thatā€™s ready for hand sanding, hand fitting and finishing. Add a standard Fender-style neck, pickups, small hardware and your own elbow grease. Thereā€™s nothing like playing a guitar that youā€™ve built yourself!

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