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Orders and Shipping

RockRabbit hasn’t missed a day manufacturing or shipping. But, situations with international customs, lockdowns, and shipping times have been erratic and unpredictable. We’ve been playing things by ear and will resume shipping by regions in 2021. Stay safe and rock on!

We are shipping most standard products out the next business day. Special order pieces we’ll quote you a lead time, usually 1-2 weeks.Ā 

We’re shipping out USPS, so it could be 2-5 days in the US, while international is longer and also depends on your country’s customs time.

YouĀ should receive an automatic email with your tracking link when it ships out. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder. If you really don’t see it, drop us a line and we’ll email that link to you.

No. In fact, that info is all handled securely on the encrypted web and we can’t even see your CC info. Safer for everyone.

We don’t charge sales tax, but we do have to collect sales tax if you are in the state of Indiana.Ā 

Probably. We’ve already shipped to over 35 countries and we’re happy to ship to guitarists and builders everywhere!

No. We get that some countries import duties make purchasing difficult. But we’re a real business and to keep everything legit, we can’t reduce your customs values.

If we’re interested in doing marketing/development with you, then we’ll reach out to you. But we aren’t pursuing artist endorsements at this time.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

We happily offer full refunds for any reason whatsover.Ā 

No worries, if you let us know and send it back, we’ll be happy to swap you out for the part that you want.

RockRabbit is run by humans and we do make some mistakes. If it was indeed our fault, then we’ll get you a replacement out ASAP. If you can’t use the original part, then please donate it to a young player or luthier in your area with our compliments.

Our mailing address:

RockRabbit Guitars

460 Bond Ave, Suite E

Valparaiso, IN 46385

Our build advice is always FREE and we love to talk about cool guitars. So, drop us a line and get real tech from real builders. But, we don’t take on luthiery repair work on your guitar, sorry.

Please let us know right away! We always try to ship next business day, so if we’re quick we can manually update your address. If your address as entered seems odd/ looks like a possible typo, then we’ll shoot you an email to double check before we ship.

Sure, drop us email with your order # and we’ll sort you out.

That depends. It doesn’t hurt to email and ask, maybe we’re just waiting on some more raw titanium to arrive or maybe it’s something that we’re phasing out.

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