Dual-Loader Tele Titanium Bridge


Dual-Loader Tele Titanium Bridge adds the option to top load or through-string your Vintage Telecaster layout!

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RockRabbit Dual-Loader Tele Titanium Bridge

Creating a ’59 Tele vibe? Or experimenting with string-through for sustain and topload for bending?Ā 

Our Dual-Loader Tele bridge is the same as our Vintage design, so it retrofits onto vintage-style 4 hole Telecaster guitars. (Not the new Tele Pro models with 4 mounting holes)

Titanium DualLoader Tele Bridge by RockRabbit mounted on Telecaster Guitar

Compensated Titanium Saddles

The 3 barrel saddles are Eli Grade 23 Titanium (medical version of Grade 5), vintage-sized at 5/16ā€ diameter and compensated for intonation. Each saddle is designed for its string offset, so each one has its own unique angle and depth of machining flat. Unlike other designs that just uses the same saddles for the EA and BE saddles!

Telecaster Intonation using RockRabbit Titanium Compensated Tele Saddles
Toploading String holes on Telecaster Bridge plate made of Titanium by RockRabbit

Why Titanium?

Clarity, Harmonics and Sustain are the words customers use to describe their love for Ti. Think tone like raw high carbon steel without the hassle of plating to crack, wear, or peel.

The Bridge Plate material is machined from an .071ā€ American MilSpec Grade 5 Titanium, don’t accept an inferior Grade 2 or import alloy; not only is this super strong and impervious to corrosion, but it’s also very lightweight. The entire assembly weighs only 2.25 oz (65g), including the stainless adjuster screws and stainless springs.

Bullet Features

Made in Indiana, not Indonesia

Why buy RockRabbit?

RockRabbit Guitars proudly crafts Basic Bitch guitars along with the best guitar hardware for musicians, boutique guitar builders and OEMs. Using American aircraft-grade materials, we machine premium guitar parts like titanium bridges and saddles, neck, and control plates that are ergonomically designed for maximum tone and playability.

It started in Valparaiso, Indiana in 2014 with the idea that America used to build things. Things that people actually wanted because they were smartly designed and built by craftsmen who cared. The past isnā€™t coming back, but RockRabbit believes that it can use all the technology available to make ā€˜Made in Americaā€™ viable in a global market. We are honored to have shipped American guitars and custom hardware to guitarists and builders in over 30 countries.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 oz
Dimensions 3.125 × 3.5 × .375 in