Vintage Modified ’51 Lever Switch Control Plate

Add ergonomic control & tonal variety with our Vintage Modified ’51 Lever Switch Custom Control Plate.



RockRabbit’s Vintage Modified ’51 Lever Switch Custom Control Plate lets you upgrade your Fender guitar for ergonomic 5-way, 4-way, or 3-way switching.

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Our custom control plates are designed to give you lots of options for your tone and playing style. This Vintage Modified ’51 Lever Switch Control Plate fits a full-sized, vintage-style volume pot and any of these lever switches:

  • CRL 3-way
  • Oak Grigsby 4-way
  • Oak Grigsby 5-way single wafer
  • Fender 5-way Super Switch (Oak Grigsby)


into the factory ‘Crafted in Indonesia’ factory routing recess. The ‘Crafted in Japan’ bodies have even more room, so this fits those guitars easily, too!

We’ve designed this to fit the NEWER Squires and have just learned that some of the older (mid-2000’s) Squires don’t have enough depth routed in the control cavity to fit the lever switch. We’re not sure exactly which years this effects, so you might want to measure and see if you can squeeze the 1-1/4″-1/3/8″ switch in yours before you order!

Vintage Modified 51 parts
Vintage Modified 51 body
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RockRabbit Mojo

Adding the vintage-style volume pot not only gives you that expensive guitar feel, but you also get a wider variety of retro guitar knobs sized for a 1/4″ solid shaft with a set screw.

As always, we make these custom guitar control plates right here in rockin’ Indiana, USA, out of lightweight 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum.

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