Titanium Vintage Half Bridge Plate

Titanium Half Bridge drilled with 4-hole Tele string spacing and for 3 vintage-style saddles


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Titanium Vintage Half Bridge Plate

Don’t want to be limited to a Tele-style single coil in the bridge? Personalize your tone with gold foils, P90s, humbuckers, mini-humbuckers, piezos, or even (gasp!) no bridge pickup. Let your imagination rule! RockRabbit’s Titanium Vintage Half Bridge Plate is the ultimate 3 saddle, chopped down bridge plate drilled for vintage Tele 4-hole spacing. Why settle for just a little bit of a bastard when you can get the whole Cabron from RockRabbit?

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Titanium Half Bridge Plate
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Drilled for the standard vintage Telecaster 4-hole mounting pattern, this Half Bridge Plate comes with 4 stainless steel slotted oval head screws. You’ll fit on your favorite set of 3 vintage-style saddles. Most installs will require adjuster screws about 1-1/4″ long, depending on your exact guitar.

Titanium Guitar Half Bridge
Titanium Vintage Guitar Half Bridge
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RockRabbit Mojo

We make these in house, right here in rockin’ Indiana, USA, out of .071″ 6Al-4V Class 5 Titanium alloy. The rear lip is specially bent so it lays back by about 10 degrees from vertical and the top corners are also gently rounded, for a smooth feel against your muting hand.

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