Titanium Telecaster 5-way Control Plate

Our Titanium Telecaster 5-way Control Plate puts a SuperSwitch in your Tele for maximum tonal variety.


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Want to add a Fender 5-way SuperSwitch to your tele that is out of the way of your picking hand? How about a volume knob that is right where your pinky thinks it should be? Dig your Telecaster without the frequency robbing tone knob? Then check out RockRabbit’s Titanium Telecaster 5-way Control Plate that is built for today’s Tele player!

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Titanium Telecaster 5-way Control Plate
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These are made with a special offset and angled slot to fit the fat Fender 5-way SuperSwitch into the stock routing channel and to line up with the two factory mounting holes.

Tele 5way Control Plate Clearance
Custom Telecaster with Titanium Bridge Plate and 5way switching control plate
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Right-Handed, Left-Handed

Drill for:

Volume and Tone, Volume only- no Tone


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