Titanium Neck Screw Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Fender neck joint with RockRabbit’s Titanium Neck Screw Kit, including Titanium Neck Plate and 303 Stainless Threaded Inserts!


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Titanium Neck Screw Upgrade Kit

Want the ultimate in strength for your neck joint and tighten up your tone? We’ve assembled our Titianium Neck Plate with our NEW custom Titanium Neck Screws and a set 303 Stainless Threaded Inserts into one kit for an easier tone upgrade for your Fender guitar.

Titanium Guitar Upgrade

The Upgrade Kit

The Neck Plate is our standard offering. And by standard, I mean standard for RockRabbit! USA Aerospace Grade 5 .071″ Titanium, not that Grade 2 medical Titanium that you might find elsewhere. Made by us in house, right here in rockin’ Indiana, USA!

The Stainless Neck Screws are available in 316 Phillps or 18-8 Slotted head style and Titanium (limited availability). Stainless Screws are all 1-1/2″ long with oval heads and all made in the USA! The Titanium screws are custom turned to our specs to be the ultimate in Fender-style screw. 1-3/4″ long, slotted oval head, #8-32 thread with a 1″ shank length for maximum strength! In fact, these Titanium screws are 200% stronger than the same screw made out of stainless steel!

The Threaded Inserts are made in the USA from 303 Stainless Steel, which is a higher grade, marine worthy, alloy than 18-8. #8-32 inside thread and requires a 1/4″ bore.

Titanium Guitar Neck Screws
Ti Guitar Neck Plate

Titanium Mojo

Titanium is impervious to salt water and can be substituted for stainless steel, with a 200% strength improvement. Compared to 6061 aluminum, titanium is about 60% more dense but twice as strong. In addition, titanium is also biocompatible (it is non-toxic and is not rejected by the body), which makes it a good choice for jewelry or body piercings for people with allergies.

Installation Video

Watch as install our Titanium Neck Screw Kit in this MIM Fender Telecaster.

Additional information

Screw Style

Stainless Phillips head, Stainless Slotted head, Titanium Slotted head


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