Titanium Chopped Tele Bridge Plate

Machined from a single piece of Billet Titanium, it’s the ultimate Chopped Tele Bridge Plate for your non-T pickup build!


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Billet Titanium

Chopped Tele Bridge Plate

Looking for the ultimate bridge plate for your Tele build but want something special? Rock those goldfoils, P-90s, Firebirds and humbuckers!

Closeup of billet Titanium Chopped Telecaster Bridge Plate

Lightweight Tone

We machine these in house out of a single billet piece of 6Al-4V Titanium. This aerospace Grade 5 alloy is twice as strong as the medical Grade 2 Titanium you might see elsewhere. Our Titanium Chopped Tele Bridge Plate weighs in at only 0.85oz (24g) while still being extremely stiff and strong!

Chopped Tele Bridge Plate

Titanium Mojo

Titanium is impervious to salt water and can be substituted for stainless steel, with a 200% strength improvement. Compared to 6061 aluminum, titanium is about 60% more dense but twice as strong. In addition, titanium is also biocompatible (it is non-toxic and is not rejected by the body), which makes it a good choice for jewelry or body piercings for people with allergies.


Drilled for the vintage 4-hole 2.55″ mounting pattern, our Titanium Chopped Tele Bridge measures about 3-1/16″ wide, 1-7/16″ long and 3/8″ tall. Fits any set of vintage sized barrel saddles. Each comes with a set of phillps oval head stainless steel mounting screws.

RockRabbit Chopped Telecaster Bridge Plate Dimension Drawing

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String gauge 9-42, String gauge 10-46, String gauge 11-48


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