Telecaster Humbucker Bridge Plate

Our Telecaster Humbucker Bridge and Saddles are crafted in the USA for maximum Titanium Tone and Mojo!


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Telecaster Humbucker Bridge & Saddles

Looking for Titanium clarity and sustain for your narrow-spaced modern Tele? Check out our Titanium Telecaster Humbucker Bridge and Saddles! All RockRabbit products are crafted in the USA for mojo, durability and awesomeness!

Humbucker sized Telecaster Bridge with Titanium Saddles


Drilled for the modern 3-hole 1.78″ mounting pattern, our Titanium Telecaster Bridge Plate is loaded with a set of our Elliptical billet Titanium saddles. We’ve designed this to fit directly onto a Blacktop Tele without needing to drill a single hole.

This bridge also works great if you’re building a Humbucker Telecaster from scratch. The string spacing is narrow enough to use regular Gibson-sized pickups instead of F-spaced humbuckers.

HB Tele Bridge Dimensions
Titanium Humbucker Telecaster Bridge and Saddles

Lightweight Tone

We make these in house, right here in rockin’ Indiana, USA, out of .071″ 6Al-4V Class 5 Titanium alloy. The rear lip is specially bent so it lays back by about 5 degrees from vertical and the top corners are also gently rounded, for a smooth feel against your muting hand. Our Titanium Telecaster Humbucker Bridge Plate is super strong but weighs only 2.75oz (78g) with the titanium saddles!


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