Angled S1 Switch Telecaster Control Plate

Our Angled Tele Control Plate for S1 switch Telecaster factory guitars.


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Angled S1 Switch Telecaster Control Plate

This is the version of our standard Angle Telecaster Control Plate, but with the Volume pot in the Vintage Tele position! The Volume is NOT moved 1/4″ back away from the switch.

Layout of Angled Telecaster Control Plate with S1 Switch

Why and who needs this?

  • Some factory Teles (usually with a S1 switch) have a hump on the bottom of the control route that prevents you from moving that S1 switch further back. If you have one of those models and you’re not willing to remove that wood, then this will fit for you.
  • Some aftermarket wiring harnesses don’t have enough play to move the volume pot back the additional 1/4″, so you may want to keep the harness and use this plate.
Angled Lever Switch with S1 Switch for Telecaster Guitar
RockRabbit Guitars Angled S1 Tele Control Plate Dimensions

Lightweight Awesomeness

We make these in-house, right here in rockin’ Indiana, USA. At .062″ thick American 7075-T6 Aircraft Aluminum alloy, it’s super lightweight and comes polished up to a chrome-like finish. Standard vintage Tele mounting holes and overall shape, this Angled S1 Switch Telecaster Control Plate comes with two stainless screws. The RockRabbit mojo always comes standard.

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