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with or without the rice!

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This Sake Strat features an alder body in a beautiful Salmon colored Milk Paint and topped with a Nitrocellulose lacquer in a satin finish. The body was first sanded down to the clean wood with a dual drum thickness sander, then with a dual action hand sander and finally just sanding by hand. Once it is smooth, the Milk Paint is mixed to color and applied directly to the wood. This is the same paint used on original Shaker furniture and is totally natural. Once the color is solid enough, but still showing just a hint of wood grain through, then it’s time for a vinyl sealer for moisture protection and four coats of the satin Nitro for a super thin, vintage appearance that will age like the old Fenders did. Try a Sake Strat for yourself, with or without the rice, but never without good friends!

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