New batch of ‪titanium‬ neck plates for your ‪Fender‬ ‪guitar‬

Fresh off the laser cutter, get them while they’re hot!

Since titanium is such a hard material and difficult to work with, we have several ‘stock’ designs drawn out in CAD and have them cut locally by a shop that has both laser and water cutters. For example, our control plates come back to us as a basic outside shape with mounting holes and then we drill and machine for the particular layout of switches and potentiometers. These neck plates just need to be sanded, holes slightly countersunk, and then polished up.

Not only does the computer cut the outside shape and mounting holes more precisely than a human could, but it’s also very cost effective. Not quite ‘Just in Time’ manufacturing, but it lets us give our customers the best value in titanium guitar parts that are made in the USA!

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